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EPIC Lake Trout Action, BIG Mamas in Shallow Water

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Just had to get out one more time for some ice fishing. Late ice can produce some of the biggest Lake Trout of the year. Got out with Dan to spend a day chasing big girls and it paid off with a PB 381/2 incher followed by 32, 31 and a 30.  Great action out there. Here is a video of our trip, some amazing fights!

Pics below video if you don't care to watch.

Nice catching big Lakers is fun


--- Quote from: Catfishking on Mar 31, 2021, 11:30 AM ---Nice catching big Lakers is fun

--- End quote ---
Oh man an addiction. All i'm going to focus on next winter is chasing big lakers and fishing Wyoming.

Good choices Wyoming is awesome

Nice job AJ! That will definitely get the heart rate up!  Why did you change your "you-tube" name?


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