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I just stopped by one of the ponds I normally ice fish into mid or late April. The edges are open and there's no good way to get on the ice. The outlet dam is open and more water than usual is flowing out. Hopefully the water levels drop enough in the next couple days to be able to get on the ice for a couple more weeks.

Fish Wayniac:
It was a short season .

My farm pond has gone out earlier than  ever. normal was april 15th

I'm not putting my gear away for the summer quite yet. The 10 day forecast isn't cold enough to make ice but it isn't warm enough to lose much, either. If water levels drop to a foot lower than yesterday I'll be able to get on the ice again. I have 2 other ponds that usually have safe ice well into April that I haven't checked yet. The road into one of them might be closed due to mud.

Good luck n stay safe, time for me to bust the fly rod out.....


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