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I saw the temp. in Deer Park the other night hit -1 degree, so I’m hoping to find safe ice tomorrow (if my buddy can go) or Friday. Last year was my first time ice-fishing that lake, and the perch bite was usually fairly consistent. I’ll post the ice conditions as soon as I find out myself.

I saw a reliable report for Eloika (5” good ice) and am headed there in the AM.

Good luck-I'd be interested in knowing how you did-had a pretty good day on perch at Eloika last season and I'm wanting to hit it again

Well, the good: there was 7” of safe ice today. The bad: they were looking, and not taking anything! I got one decent perch up top, and one puny sunfish. Neither were harmed in the making of my fishing excursion. Boy, they looked at everything that worked last year. (small jig in either pink or chartreuse, tipped with a waxy, perch-eye, or crappie nibble) I tried different sizes, colors, shapes, and flavors. I tried a few slender spoons, and a couple jigging raps, and nothing. I caught both fish on a gold teardrop jig, tipped with a wax worm. Tough day fishing, but I met a really nice guy from Deer Park who fishes there regularly. (Including yesterday, with his grand-kids) He couldn’t understand the change from last years’ terrific bite to this years’, but the weather or moon phase could have been a factor.?
Great to have the first outing of this years ice-fishing season under my belt, but it would have been nicer with a decent bite. Maybe next time.
todays’ neighbors

Thanks for the report Flam-I'm going to try to get out next week-maybe the bite will improve by then.  I went out to Avondale on wed and the bite was pretty light out there as well.  Could be a pressure issue?


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