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Colorado Tackle Pro is the best bait and tackle shop in Colorado Springs. 
We carry live bait, lures, ice fishing equipment, rods, reels, and more!
We pride ourselves in being the most knowledgeable source of information for fishing in our region. We will never keep secrets because we want you to succeed in all your fishing adventures.

Call 7196346939    or come in:
                                297 S 21st Street   
                                 Colorado Springs CO
                                     and get the latest fishing news or just to tell your latest big fish story!

   This winter we have in stock a wide range of ice fishing equipment! We carry both power and manual augers, vexilars, huts, sleds, custom tied jigs and more! 


Starting Dec 12 2015 we will be opening at 5:00 am on Saturdays .So you can pick up your bait and other things you might need at the last min.

Great store and employees. I've been in there a few times. Good location also, right off of Hiway 24.

Second the great store!!! knowledgeable and very helpful. Always a stop when headed that way!!

Thanks guys for the thumbs up. Remember if you are looking for it I will do my best to get it if we don't have it.
Right now %20 off Ice Armor Edge suits and with that we are also throwing in a pair of Ice Armor Ultra Mitts.
$50.00 of any Hut in stock.Clam Nanook Insulated, Clam Scout TC, Eskimo Evo2, Shappell 5500 popup, Shappell 6500 popup, Subsero Alaskan King Doublewide. Also we can order just about any shelter out there and Takes us about a week to get it in.


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