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Bushbunny, how's it going?  

Where are you hitting the most sucess right now?  I am going just for Sunday (have to take the wife out to dinner on Saturday to get a day out of jail) and I was thinking of Blackett/Jackson.  How long does it take to get to the lake from the South?  I have only gone in from the North from the entrance off the road to Touchwood.

Spencer is too far for a day trip crossing over Touchwood.

Is LaBiche producing at all?  

Your usual good advice would be appreciated.  


It takes me one hour from my house in Lac La Biche to get to Kinnaird and have my line in the water!!  Take the Pinehurst road to just short of the first bridge.  Turn left at the clearing on the right side of the road, at the Acclaim compressor sign.  Take that road all the way to Helena Lake, cross Helena on the beaten path to the north end, and go through the bush(3 km) and you come out on the south end of Blackett.  You can go straight, again on the beaten path to Kinnaird where the guys have been fishing on the east shore(right side).  I have been fishing the grass islands,(perch & walleye mostly, the odd jack) and again north of the grass islands off the point.  Some guys have been along the point to the narrows as well.  If you decide to fish Blackett, try immediately to the right as you come on the lake.  Perch seem to be the catch.  You can also go left on the beaten path to the large part of the lake.  I have not fished Blackett this year yet.  Beaver has been giving up some decent walleyes, perch, & jacks just to the right of the boat launch at Young's Beach.  Lac La Biche has been catching, lots of perch, with a lot of small ones.

Thanks Bushbunny.  

I am not sure where I am going yet.  I tried Slave 2 weeks ago and got 1 nice walleye and a bunch of ling.  I mean, I could not keep the ling of the hook no matter what depth.  

Anyhow, I am hoping to be there this weekend or next.  Are you seeing a lot of keeper walleye?

I have seen quite a few keeper walleye, even though only one is allowed to come out of the park.  Unfortunately, last time out, I did not have a tape, so I did not keep any, even though in retrospect, any of them probably would have been legal.  I was not particularly concerned, because I had a swack of perch in the 12-14" bracket.  I now have the same measuring device that the fish cops use.  I will be carrying with me at all times!!  The fish cops had a stop just around the corner from the pipeline, and handed out tickets for undersized and overlimit like there was no tomorrow!!  

Yeah, we just about got caught last year at Spencer as our measuring device was a piece of string that I tied 2 knots in to meausure if the fish were slot size (the old regs).  However, the string was about 4 years old and had stretched a little.  On close examiniation, we were about 1/2 an inch into the slot size. The fish cop measured all of the fish we had and 1 was close.  He was pretty good about it.  He took the string and suggested we use a real device or keep nothing.  

I have not seen the fish cops anywhere this year though.  That said, I am thrilled to see them out ticketing.  

I would love to get into some perch so I will take your advice.  Are you going out this weekend?


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