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Let's Hear Your Prediction for First Ice in Alberta

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--- Quote from: eyeflyer on Dec 04, 2022, 03:29 PM ---Got the shack out today, about 11" ice so used the buddies SXS. Not much snow on the ice but he had to plow some drifts about 3-4' deep to get down to the lake.

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What lake is that?

Yeah, heading to Gull for opening day.  I'm expecting 10-12 inches throughout.  I will report back.

I was out today, taped 13" of ice. Got a bit of a late start and things were slow couple small perch, and a couple small stockers, lots on the flasher but were not aggressive at all today...........but it was sure nice to get at it again.

Eyeflyer - what lake were you on?


Was out again today, managed to ice a few but still not very aggressive. A jig with cheese and a dropper off a jigging rap were the most productive today. Don't usually keep any trout but this year going to keep a few to smoke for snacks when my sons/family come home for Christmas

Walks on Water:
Lots of ice in the Boyle/Smoky Lake area but flood water is a problem.
Fishing has been decent.


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