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Separate drill for anchors

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Does anyone know if any regular cordless drill will work on drilling anchors into the ice?  I'm debating on if I want to spend the extra money on a semi decent drill or go with a lower model drill.  It's too much of a hassle unhooking my drill from my clam plate and my wrists hurt trying to drill the anchors by hand.  Good thing would be that with an extra drill comes with a battery to use in case my main one runs out of juice.

hardwater diehard:
Any she shed picture hanging drill will work ..another option is to mount an IONŽ Quick Release / Ice Anchor Adapter. The ION adapter will mount right to the plate ..comes with the stub which mounts to your auger drill bit unit and the Ice anchot tool . I have one but have yet to use it on ice . Which drill set up are you running ? some times you can match the make with a brushed tool with low amp hour batteries to keep it in the same platform.

These things run pretty much MSRP all season long ..they mabe tough to find ..

I use the Ion power head to screw in my anchors with the adaptor. It works ok but the power head is a little awkward.  I manhaul my gear a lot so dragging along a separate drill is not really attractive to me.

I use an 18 volt, brush type for anchors. I leave my 20 volt brushless on the Clam Plate.

One drill for me. I have adapters in both augers and I use an Eskimo ice anchor "widget" to screw those in. Keep everything in 1 bag. Takes no time at all to make the switch.


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