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What size reels are you guys using for bass through the ice? The little 500 size are so small, but anything bigger seems way too big on ice rods.

500's are perfect. Every fish (video or picture) ranging from .5 pounds to 25 pounds have all been caught with a 500 sized reel. The pair perfectly with ice rods; hold plenty of line and if you buy a decent reel, should last forever with care.

For me, I stopped using 500 size reels years ago (before braid) as I don't like how tight they would coil the line vs a 1000. I don't do that much jigging for panfish and like the larger reels, more line, better drag surface. I also ice fish with the same reels that I use in the summer and I have not used anything that small in open water in decades... I think once you get used to it you will be happy with the results. That first bass was landed on a 2500 size Shimano BaitRunner I had to order from the Europe, great reel.

I also use my summer Baitcasters;

Old Goat:
Kayl I just put some new shimano reels in for sale area if interested

A lot of times, the smallest spinning reels will share same/similar parts with it's next sized up reel.  I've measured some of my Shimano reels and the line memory coils are going to be based off of the spool lip because that's how I fill my reels up to about an 1/8 or 1/4 inch.  What's more important is comparing the old Symetre 750FI with the Symetre 500FJ.  At the top of the spool lip, they measured to 36 mm diameter.  That means that if I filled both of them to the exact same fill, they both will have the exact same line memory coil.  Now compare that with the old Stradic 1000 reels in the FG and FH models.  Those spools are only 2 mm more in diameter.  Very small difference.  While the Stradic 1000FI model measured at 40 mm, it introduces that line propulsion spool lip that flanges out.  The magnesium frame based Stradic 1000MgFB had a spool shaved a mm thinner at the lip.  So it really is still identical when line filled to the exact same capacity.  In other words the line memory coils are going to be very very close.

The 750 series shared the exact same reel bodies with the 1000 series.  While the 500 series had a smaller slim profile reel body design.  That is the biggest difference that affects the bulk of the reel weight.

Shimano spool and handle comparison:
Spool series --- spool width - spool base - spool lip - spool arbor - handle length radius
Stradic 1000FG - 14 mm - 40 mm - 38 mm - 25 mm - handle 50 mm
Stradic 1000FH - 13 mm - 40 mm - 38 mm - 25 mm - handle 50 mm
Stradic 1000FI - 12.5 mm - 40 mm - 40 mm - 25 mm - handle 40 mm
Stradic 1000MgFB - 12.5 mm - 39 mm - 39 mm - 25 mm - handle 40 mm
Symetre 750FI 11.5 mm - 40 mm - 36 mm - 25 mm - handle 40 mm
Symetre 500FJ 9.5 mm - 36 mm - 36 mm - unknown - handle 40 mm

Spool series ---- spool width - spool base - spool lip - spool arbor - handle length radius
President 6720 - 9 mm (7mm @arbor) - 36 mm - 35 mm - 20 mm - handle 50 mm
President 6725 - 14 mm (9mm @arbor) - 38 mm - 36 mm - 24 mm - handle 55 mm

Just for specs comparison to the popular Pfleuger President 20 series, that spool is just a tad bit smaller that that of the Shimano 500 spool.  What is extremely important with line memory coils on an underfilled spool is the spool arbor.  The smallest section of the spool where line starts and that the President 500 spools only comes in 20 mm compared to most of Shimano spools at 25 mm.  I've gotten rid of my Shimano 500 Symetre before I had measured the spool arbor.  Knowing how Shimano would probably use the same spool cap and drag disc washers, it would be that same 25 mm arbor for machining those reel spools.  I'm pretty sure it's 25 mm but I am unable to comfirm it.

Now what is more noteworthy is comparing the handle length in radius.  The Pfleuger has longer handles.  Those handle length's basically are equal to the larger reels in handle length.  That is an ultralight reel with the same handle crank feel as a bigger type of reel.  Many of my other Shimano reels in the 2500 and 4000 series have a 50 mm and 55 mm handle length when operating in full crank measure at center of pivot points.

blah blah blah, bunch of extra headache info.  LOL.


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