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My heaters burned holes through my reflectix while I was waiting for it to cool off and the wind blew the wall into it. Maybe a metal bucket or a piece of stove pipe?

--- Quote from: FrostBack on Jan 07, 2017, 12:01 PM ---I am not positive this will work but I think that Reflex stuff is made of metal foil. How about lining a bucket with reflex or some other heat resistant material you may know of and then put your warm heater in the bucket for transport purposes?

Good Luck

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--- Quote from: kuenro02 on Jan 06, 2017, 01:13 PM ---Awesome,  awesome post going here. I'm going to be purchasing a 1 man flip for trips I take alone and don't want to drag my 2 man yukon. Haven't seen any mods to mount a buddy heater/cooker? Basically a sunflower heater with the metal stand. It gets hot and when jumping holes you have to wait a few minutes to put it in your tent to move. Anyone have an idea on how to mount it or hang it so i can move quick and not have to worry about melting anything?

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I have seen, can't find it now, where they mount a piece of wood to the outside of the sled with two hooks on it. You then hang it back there, facing out, while you travel to the next hole.

Finally started getting everything organized in the sled. I will try to post some pictures.

HAWG Outdoor lights are amazing, cheap, and come with everything you need. They are waterproof, come with mounting straps, and are ready to hook up to your battery.

Mounted the tank holder, holds 4 1# tanks.

Shelves are in and fit great. I saw these on here and modified them a bit. Added cup holders and foam for hooks. I used another piece of wood underneath to help support. I also added the center console, and mounted a second battery holder underneath for the lights. Console can hold a battery that will charge my electronics separately.

Shelf for the other side.

Those shelves look good, glad the plans worked out for you!

Was thinking about adding a few layers of the rigid insulation to the bottom of the sled cut to size. Then i would cut out patterns to hold gas tanks, bucket, etc. My question, do i glue it down or should i just lay it in incase water gets under the insulation. I would think if water gets under it could get gross and smell. Thoughts?


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