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safe ice
« on: Oct 29, 2003, 03:21 PM »
I just wanted to post this for all the eager beavers out there who want to get on the ice as quick as i do.

Above all stay safe. you cant have any fun ice fishing if you are not here!!

The figures are for clear, blue ice on lakes and ponds. Reduce strength values 15% for clear blue, river ice. Slush or snow (white) ice is only one-half the strength of blue ice and can be very treacherous. "Honeycombed" ice, which occurs in the spring or during major winter thaws as the ice is melting, is the most dangerous ice, and best avoided unless the angler is certain there is a safe layer of solid ice beneath the honeycombed surface. Anglers should also be aware that many lakes and ponds contain spring holes and other areas of current that may create deceptively dangerous thin spots in areas that are otherwise safe. Always use caution, and don't venture out onto unfamiliar waters without checking ice thickness frequently.

2" One person on foot      3" Group, in single file    5" Group (6-8 people) together   7" Passenger car (2 ton gross)   8" Light truck (2 ton gross) 10" Medium truck (3 ton gross)   12" Heavy truck (7 to 8 ton gross)     15" 10 tons    20" 25 tons   25" 45 tons     30" 70 tons


As with any emergency, DON'T PANIC! Briefly call for help. It doesn't take long for the cold water to start slowing your physical and mental functions, so you must act quickly. Air will remain trapped in your clothes for a short time aiding your buoyancy. Kick your legs while grasping for firm ice. Try to pull your body up. Once your torso is on firm ice, roll towards thicker ice. This will better distribute your weight. Remember: ice you have previously walked on should be the safest. After you reach safe ice, don't waste precious time! You need to warm up as quick as you can to prevent hypothermia. Go to the nearest Ice house, warm car, or home. good luck keep safe.

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Re:safe ice
« Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 2003, 10:15 PM »
A good reminder, thanks.

I'm investing in some picks of life this year.  I'm also checking out prices on SOSpenders or some similar item for iffy days on the ice.

I might add one thing among many others that people should think about.  When conditions are iffy, or really even if they seem OK, it's always best to fish along or near someone else and don't venture out alone in the event that something unfortunate happens, whether it be falling through or simply slipping and falling, and hitting your head.  Always think safely and you're chances are good at going home that day.
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