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Bass Pro 2-man flip over hut - original manufacturer? Clam?

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Still a proud owner of this relic... wondering if anyone knows who it was made by and if a replacement tub is anywhere to be found?  The poles and shelter itself are in great shape... but the cover and the tub are pretty rough.

Very hesitant to upgrade because of how incredibly light this shelter is!

hardwater diehard:
Pictures would help . Especially  the pole bracket . Dimensions as well . If I had to guess I would say Clam alot of BPS and Cabelas Hubs are very similar.

Also could be a Rapala I see your from ON.

Here are photos of the hut - mind you these were in its fairly original condition years ago LOL

hardwater diehard:
Seems very Clam Corp/outdoors to me

Maybe PM IS member Monticatgeek   he is all things Clam.

Your hut looks similar to my 2-person Clam Trap Guide - old hut.  Brackets for the bars look similar and orientation length wise is similar.  Windows are different. My hut has 2 removable seats.  I cannot tell from your photo if yours has seats.


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