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After a few years of discussion we finally made the trip here. Got to the lake just after 1st light and ended up picking a pretty good spot from the navonics maps. Lots of holes drilled in the area so it was a popular spot. Between 3 of us we managed over 30 fish. I got browns, cuts and bows. We really wanted to get into a burbot or 2 as it's looking like we'll be doing a camp trip this season. The quality of the fish we got was spectacular. They were all healthy and fat. Pulling drag was a pretty common on my rods yesterday. As it went for us last weekend the weather was fantastic. Very little wind and all sunshine. The ice was 16-18in and solid everywhere we fished. Now for the pics. Does anyone know what the strain of cuts that are in there

Nice job mister…👍👍

Thanks Dom, it was a great trip and can't wait to get back for a whole weekend

Man it’s just strange for me to see those lakes without any trees around them.
  Fish in Texas with my brother in law in the boat and it messes with me… ;D

Nice job guys!

Honestly there’s 3 strains of cutthroat in there now I believe.

You’ve got the native Colorado river cutthroat, the snake river cutthroat (small spots), and now the bear river cutthroat that they’re evidently putting in every lake. Wyoming.


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