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Ok so here we go on our first camping trip to the gorge. We will be heading out Friday morning about 4 am and should be to the lake by 7:00 am and hopefully the fish want to play this weekend I know I canít wait to get up there and play

Oh yes it definitely time, very doubtful there will be much rest this week. Like a kid the night before Christmas around here.

Hope you all have a great time and be super safe! I'll be excited to see the full report with lots of pictures..

Will do Dewy, getting some on ice reports this morning from a few that went up this morning. Sounds like the ice is doing good around RD11 so we should be able to get camp set up in that area no probs. More to come after we get back Monday.

What a great weekend it turned out to be, fishing could have been better but we did get quite a few fish for the size of group we had camping out this weekend. more to come in just a bit


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