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Frostbite Burnt 2.0 Reel Seats

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I bought one rod burnt dipstick during the 20192020 season, and it was good quality, no issues. Last year I bout three more roda, and all three have issues. Two burnt rods, the 36 and 37 in medium, the top eye on the end of the rod isn't a closed circle. It's like they forgot to solder it and it's open. The line will sneak through it. The other rod was the more expensive dipstick with titanium guides....and the rod seat doesn't line up with the guides. It's like a half inch to an inch off.

Not a complete surprise to me. And that's all I have to say about that.


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Warranty Info

Warranty Policy

Here at Frostbite we stand by our product, but we also stand by our customers, and realize defects are possible. If you have any concerns with your purchase, we ask that you contact us within 30 days of receiving your order for a replacement.

I contacted them immediately and sent photos of the defects. Their customer service department is run anonymously so I still have no idea who I was talking to. Stock was out so they held my money for replacements and apparently got a new customer service person that said it was not right of them for holding my money and then it took a few weeks and emails to process the refund due to the extended delay from purchase. No name or contact info provided from cs. Never seen anything like it. Guess that is “standing behind your product”. No thanks.


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