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Just got a few of the Mr Big the other day to bide my time until I find the right laker blank that I want to build.  Would have went a different direction with a high end purchase (Haat, TUCR, etc), but me and the fishing buds ordered 3.  Shipped very fast, no worries there.  They all showed up in small cardboard tubes inside a bigger box (still good).  Pull the rod out and try to fit the 2500 stradic in there and the thing is nowhere near fitting in there flush.  Ok, try to force it a bit and foregrip and accent ring come unglued.  Email frostbite....  They send this handy pdf document saying that they know the reel seats are tight and do not force them.  Give them a few days to "compress the cork"  ???  This document is referenced nowhere online or on Youtube.  I thought these guys were marketing gurus???  So I will attach it to help future folks, but if I am being completely honest, I would have gotten something else if it was not the economy model.  Nice blank, not sure about quality control, as has been documented on here before.....  Also, one of them had a broken tip.  Still waiting for disposition there  ::)

So they are sending replacements for the broken ones.  Took a few days but still good customer service.  Still compressing reels into the seats, so not sure how flush they will end up being after a few days (or if I will need to leave the real mounted), but we shall see.  They do have a nice action on the blanks. Hopefully they will add that pdf guide for not breaking your reel seat on the webpage for future folks.  Good thing ice season is waning down, would not have been too happy to be on way to go on a trip only to find I need 3 days(?!) to fit the reel into the seat properly.  Alternative option would be a non-reel seat economy option as well.  Food for thought.     

Still no replacement rods.  Not a good look for this company, and I will not order again.

Dang, not cool. And compress the cork??
Better options out there.

Very unfortunate to hear. I would never have bought from them, but figured they would at least stand behind products and have decent customer service. Have you tried contacting them on social media? (if you are on there).

I wondered what would happen after going from working directly with a custom rod builder and all hand built rods, to sourcing the rods overseas.


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