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Jiggin Action Perch Attracter

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I use a 6 inch piece of solder, flatten out the ends, then make a 4-6 inch leader and a tiny trble hook, then I use a variety of baits.  Jig the solder and it stirs up the bottom and the perch pour in.

Hi esox
how did you get your picture to post on this website forum.
mine just has a blank

Yo!!! Flash_King great idea maybe we should try that even thou I've never had any real problems yet.

Big flashers work well they can be found in a local bait shop near a big lake like lake erie. ontario or champlain they can be 2 sided or 4 sided ive used a flasher that was made for salt water fishing it brings them in real quick

the multi-colored used car flags, that go on the car antennas work good, anchor them down with a clip on weight, and tie a string to the surface, so that you can bring it back up to the surface.


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