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Favorite High-End Rods?

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--- Quote from: BUCKSKI on Jan 03, 2022, 01:08 PM ---Custom rods, wow where to start? Its some ones time and effort put into a blank. Blanks vary and so do prices for them . Carbon or fiberglass general composites for certain applications.
I have built many flyrods and ice rods, I keep them simple and look to build them for specific applications I have a need for. With that being said many rods will perform in a similar fashion, its all the trimming certain markers put on them, do they have specific handles, # of guides, fancy colors/appearance ect.. I have seen many great looking rods on rod-building sites. I will say this, step up to the ledge take a jump and build your own, you will love the end product for one application or another. If not build another.
I have seen some excellent rods shown here and many other sites. I give those makers huge credit, but ultimately a rod has one job and its to fish.  A secondary for a maker is how well it appeals to buyers, so unless you know how it fishes your buying an assumption based on looks.

I worked for A major snowboard brand for 3 years and was stunned to find out there were 4 board presses in the whole world and manufactures built them to a companies specs and graphics, but specs did not vary that much. The difference could be 2-3 hundred dollars or more based on cosmetics.
Support rod builders 1000%, but please don't  take the bait hook, line and sinker on you need a $100 ice rod or 2 grand fly rod.
My 2 cents 100% build your own- cost is priceless.

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I built a few so far, but still like my jt gold digger better so far.  I am certainly not rich but I enjoy fishing and make gear a priority. This way when mrs right comes along I have everything I need and don’t need to justify purchases. Hopefully she will love to  fish and then I have gear for her too!  ;) Cheap gear works fine too. To each their own.


--- Quote from: Agronomist_at_IA on Nov 03, 2020, 07:21 AM ---Bricker custom Rods.

No custom rod even comes close to a Bricker rod.

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Well people do make their own rods too including myself…. sooo I think their are some other custom that will compete, lol.  Many other custom rod makers out their just not as advertised as bricker. ;)

I would like a custom open water rod.... But for ice i can more money on trips if i buy cheaper combos


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