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Favorite High-End Rods?

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A pair of St. Croix Legends are my high-end rods.

Arctic Addict:
St. Croix

I still like my older TB Perch Sweetheart Added a TUCR Fusion last year...that split grip thing is growing on me.

St Croix Custom Ice Trophy Taker is the most sensitive ice rod I've used for deep water jigs fishing whitefish.

It's too stiff for drop shot rigs and lighter tubes but for the heavier jigs bottom fishing for whitey's in the 30-75' range it treats me well.  I'll probably pick up a 2nd one. 

I can't compare it to any actual custom rods because I was always hesitant to drop good coin on a rod that I can't put in my hands first.

I prefer TUCR. I own 4. 3 Precision Noodleís and a Bullwhip. Iím about to own a Deadstick. Excellent rods. Having said that, They are the only high-end brand Iíve tried. Iím capable of building myself exact copies so even ďhigh-endĒ off-shelf rods donít cut it for me and for what itís worth, no ice rod is worth more than $50. Including the $450 worth of TUCRís I own. Thereís only so much a fiberglass/carbon rod can do before youíre either paying for brand recognition/warranty or aesthetics. In todayís day and age though, itís hard to go wrong with 95% of the available rods.  :tipup:


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