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Favorite High-End Rods?

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Im a fan of TUCR (Precision Noodle, Bullwhip, Fusion & Commander). Also like DH Customs (Al Dente & Perch Pounder). The only JT I have is the Panfish Snare, works great for crappies

If I didn't make my own I'd be buying from these 3 guys

Off the shelf I'd rock St. Croix and Fenwick followed by Beaverdam

I'd add in Elliot ice rods to the list. Owners are Greg and Paul Thorne, the two brothers that orginally started Thorne Brothers Custom rods that we all know.

TUCR for everything but Lakers, a TB laker rod is awesome for deep jigging. Bullwhip is my all around favorite.

HT blue ice for me.  its not a custom rod but somebody had to make it.


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