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Here is a heads up for a military discount you may not know about.  I just found out about it today.  Clam Outdoors will give a Veteran a 20% discount when buying direct from Clam.  You will have to provide Clam a verification of eligible service as in a copy of your ID card or a copy of your DD Form 214.

They will then send you a coupon number that can be used for several months to order Clam gear/accessories.  I got to use the discount and save 20% on a runner kit and padded seat covers for my new Nanook XL Thermal.

They haven't reached the threshold dollar limit that requires collection of Utah Sales Tax yet, so that is an additional item to add to your year end income tax form.   ;D

That's a good discount. Now what do I need  :-\

I'm thinking I probably need to add a light bar or two and maybe a battery holder.  😁

I looked but couldn't find how to access/apply for discount. 🤔


--- Quote from: Iceassin on Nov 23, 2019, 07:17 AM ---I looked but couldn't find how to access/apply for discount. 🤔

--- End quote ---
You will not find anyway to do it on their website.  Make a copy of your military ID Card or your DD Form 214 (I would recommend redacting your SSAN).  Attach that to an email and send the email to [email protected]  They will reply with a code number that you will then use at checkout which will give you the discount.  The number will be good for several months.  Mine will expire next July.


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