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A friends father-in-law drives by Bead lake almost daily, and reports that there has been people out ice fishing. Iím guessing the ice is fine? I look forward to your report! Good luck!

Went to bead yesterday-Ice is O.K.  3" clear 3" milky unfrozen slush layer in between layers.  Open water past the power lines however so fishable only in the southeast part of the lake.  Lake is freezing at night so the ice it has should be good for a while.  Fishing not good.  Fished from 9am to 4 pm zero bites between 5 poles.  We were targeting burbot and kokanee.  We marked fish with the finder in 30-50' (kokanee?)  but could not get any love.  3 other groups out on the lake when we got there saw no fish landed all day.  One group said they caught 2 small burbot right before sunrise but they hadn't had a bite the whole rest of the day.  Public access to the lake takes a trek-the road to the boat launch is closed so you have to park on the main road and walk in-very limited parking by the gate and super steep to get down.-just sayin.  Given the drive and lack of bite I won't be going back this year.

Getting skunked on Bead is more the norm. It seems to be a real hit and miss lake. Thanks for the report.

Anybody ever try for the Macs in there?

hit bead lake 12 dec. not a hit. saw 2 small berbot caught ice was about 8 - 9 inches


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