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Echo 6 Whiskey:
Looks like you did good at banks I would love to try fishing there. I have not fished much this season but I fished diamond sacheen and horseshoe. Itís been tough this year staying bombile with all the snow.

Echo 6 Whiskey:
I drove by Davis lake last Saturday and there is enough parking for three or four rigs at the public launch and room for a few others along the highway toward the south end of the lake. A couple friends fished it for the first time on Tuesday and caught at least one Kokanee I would like to try it for my self too

For Banks, are people catching walleye through the ice or mostly just white fish?

Echo 6 Whiskey:
White fish from what I have heard butt I think a person could do great on the walleye if you sought them out

I fished it last night for whitefish and it was dead. Around 50 anglers on the ice and the 15 or so around me only caught a couple. Plenty of fish on the graph just not biting. Ice was 6" on the north end.


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