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Well I am sure there is a little ice left, but I don't have the time to get out in the next day or two.  I guess it is time to put away the ice gear and get the open water gear ready.  I did go out yesterday morning for an hour or so before work to fish below a local dam.  The pike and crappie haven't moved in to the area with numbers yet, but with another couple warm 50 plus degree days it won't be long.  I didn't have any luck with crappie minnows for the crappie, but did manage to catch two pike on bass minnows, only one was a keeper though.  Will try again soon.

GO PURDUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a  smallie that was caught in the river today. Yippee, smallies are biting.

Do you eat those smallmouth?  I have never eaten them myself, just curious on how they taste.  A friend and I used to catch alot of decent smallmouth below the Oakdale Dam in September on through late November when we were at Purdue.

No I dont eat them, they are too pretty to eat.

That is what I always thought, and the smallmouth put up too good of a fight to remove from the fishery.  Now those green carp are a whole different story, I wish everybody would remove those from the waters.

I went back to the local dam yesterday to try for more pike and crappie.  I didn't get any bites, but was only out for about an hour since "she" made plans for me.  There was another guy who got a couple crappie while I was there, and hooked into a really nice pike, but he lost it since he didn't have his drag loosened up on his crappie rod.

By the way AsphaltKid, they released information on the Purdue Notre Dame football game last week.  October 1, 2005, at either 6:00 or 6:45, either way it will be a night game under the lights.  Can Notre Dame play at night??  Hopefully I will get season tickets, if not I will be there regardless with a single game ticket, will you??  And again I will buy you a Boilermaker after the game to help start the process of drowning away your sorrows.


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