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Shimano Curado BFS
« on: Jan 06, 2022, 11:15 AM »
Shimano Curado BFS: retails $189.99

Small low profile casting reel with 6.2 oz weight, 8.2 gear ratio, Finesse Tuned Brake, clicking drag, shallow spool capacity, 7+1 bearing system.

It's about time that there actually exist a bait casting reel that can functionally be tasked for ice fishing available at the local tackle store.  Out of the box impression was that it was not quite as smooth operation as the just recently discontinued Curado 70 casting reel.  This reel is also a bit lighter in weight compared to the Curado 70 reel coming in at 6.8 oz and compared to the older Curado 50E at 6.9 oz. weight. It is just heavier when compared to the much older Chronarch 50Mg at 6.0 oz. weight.

One of the best feature is the shallow spool that's ideal for ice fishing application.  For one thing I don't need to fill it with any line backing.  I can just tie onto with my braid line direct to the spool.  Wait there's that braid slipping if done so.  Well then there's a trick to it.  It's a somewhat complicated chinese finger trap line tie onto the spool.  The reversing pinch of the overhand knots binds the overall line.  It took about five wraps per side to hold it, so a crisscross of 10 wraps.  I spool about 70 cranks of line onto the spool.  That's more than enough for just ice fishing and a flexible safety amount for any possible open water fishing to be done with in the future.  As so far for usage, it's holding and no spool slippage.

The other best feature is the clicking drag sound when the drag is slipping.  It sounds just like a spinning reel drag clicker.  For operation purpose, it provides a very useful feedback on how powerful a fish is.  However from initial checking on the drag operation I was only getting a very light drag force.  Shimano list the drag to have an 8 pound of drag force, but when I pull line off the drag with the drag star basically locked down I was getting about 2 pounds of drag force.  I was using the line tied onto my fish weighing scale.  This showed up while using the reel out on the field.  The drag slipped on just about every fish I hooked into.  Normally I would not expect a 9" crappie to peel drag from my reel so easily.  Yet it was happening.  Even when I hooked into a few 13" to 15" walleyes, the drag was definitely sounding off like a big fish was on the end.  The outcome is that I would get drag slippage the moment I set the hook.  After some use of like three or four trips, the drag on the BFS reel has increased in range on both the lower end setting to a softer light drag pressure and on the high end where locking down the drag star has put a significant increase on the drag pressure.

Unique to this BFS reel is the Finesse Tuned Brake system that was passed down from the development on the Aldebaran BFS reel.  It's takes advantage of a magnetic system that uses a centrifugal force braking concept.  As for ice fishing application there isn't truly a need for a braking mechanism.  Most ice fishing lures are on the light weight spectrum.  1/4 oz. weight feels like a heavyweight.  1/8th oz. weight are solid bottom droppers.  1/16th to 1/32nd oz. weights are good fluttering presentation.  Since I am using braids, I am not sure if that's attributing to or against the performance.  I will note the the sinking braid of YGK G-Soul SS112 in 10# aids in the sink rate of very light lure in 1/32nd oz. or lighter.

Out there on the freezing cold weather, this reel did experience some slight sluggishness.  That is normal operation when all other reels were feeling the cold sluggishness too.  Once in the warmed up shack, the reel started to operate smoothly.  I did had to loosen the spool tension knob, as it seems the cold made the material on the spool shaft ends more stiff on the contact points. I have been using the reel on both the Thorne Bros. Panfish and Perch Sweetheart 32" Custom rods.  Of which I previously were using the Curado 70HG reels on.  From jigging light weight lures, there is a slight difference in reel weight feel compared to the Curado 70HG.

Overall this is a very useful reel for ice fishing.  It's got the right features.

For more information read my MN nice journal


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