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Big Tigers and Little Tigers

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Me and Bro went fishing for a few days. Did some hand to hand battling with large toothy beasts, then hit a diff lake on way home for some mellower striped gold. Landed 34 Tigers in 19 hrs dodging monsoon rains each day. Windier, Nastier the weather the better.  Gawd I lost 12 on Wednesday alone that shot from the water and spat the hooks in full frontal view. As much fun as you can have with your clothes on-or off! :lol:
The perch lake was easy after we found them 52 in about 2 hrs and missed plenty.

Man I love those tigers!  Pretty fish

Fry Flier:
Nice fish, Tigers here are more of an exception.
Thanks for sharing.

10,000 casts my ass! Nice pix Slayer

Nice perch👍👍


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