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The one I had was 6x8 and it fit perfectly on a two place snow machine trailer.
Tilt the bed and slide it on.
There were some holes in the side of the trailer sides for attaching ratchet straps but we just stuck lag bolts in them and bolted it right to the side of the skids.
We didn't have to travel far but there were no issues in the 10 mi or so we hauled it.
But it wasn't super heavy either.
I've also wasting them on a trailer with a rope along.
Once you get the skid started on the trailer wrap your rope around The shack then through the rope along and tie it to the tongue of the hitch.
Then it was a simple matter of ratcheting it onto the trailer.
Ill add that I saw the YouTube video posted elsewhere in here, where a guy made his own using an elastic band in the middle to keep deadbait horizontal. Open to making my own rigs but curious about opinions on the premade ones.
I keep enough for a meal & then I throw them back.  I don't freeze fish. If Im hungry for fish I go catch more. Fish are easy to get anytime of the year. Why freeze them ? frozen fish comes in a yellow box  :o I don't eat trout too fishy

I ice fish every chance I get and limit out quite a bit. I freeze 500-1000 fish every winter gets me through the year until it's time to ice fish again. I work construction so summer time is busy season and I don't get much open water fishing in.
Ice Fishing Massachusetts / Re: Best boots to ice fish in?
« Last post by musky-man on Today at 06:59 PM »
Mickeys gets my vote, but then again iv only used one other kind, field and stream. Never had an issue with Mickeys. Been rocking em since 07
Ice Fishing Pictures / Re: First ice
« Last post by SLAYERFISH on Today at 06:58 PM »
Aggressive little sunfish.  Yah Ive been tossed off the ice by the Parks and Rec guys b4. Jeez it was 5.5" but they said its gotta be freekin 6".
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Jet Sled wear bars?
« Last post by SLAYERFISH on Today at 06:56 PM »
I used old Hyrax runners from snowmobiles. They will NEVER wear out on a jet sled. ;)
Ice Fishing New York / Re: 12 V PowerBox
« Last post by SPIN 1 on Today at 06:45 PM »

There yah go 
Ice Fishing Saskatchewan / Re: Blackstrap 2021-2022
« Last post by ripnflutter on Today at 06:38 PM »
Just awesome out there today. Can confirm in the area fished today was a consistent 5-6. Great time as always hooking up again with fellow ice shanty members. Morning started out great 10 minutes in with a nice sized walleye things were looking promising with a few more bigger targets showing up early but not committing so that was it for the rest of the day for the walleyes. But the perch provided the action all day off and on.

Ice Fishing New York / Re: 12 V PowerBox
« Last post by krispcritter on Today at 06:31 PM »

Amazon has all the parts. Iceholepower has kits and finished boxes.

General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: Jet Sled wear bars?
« Last post by Arctic Addict on Today at 06:26 PM »
I had some left over UHMW so i made some homemade runners.  Used a heat gun to bend it and stainless screws to attach them.
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