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Where to set up


hello everyone. I am wanting to try spearing some pike this year. I have never done it before. have a few questions on where you guys are setting up and and what your are looking for when picking a spot.

Bucket Rump:
I prefer to set up in 6 to 12 FOW near a drop off.  Clear water with a sandy bottom and a few weeds nearby is ideal, but only a handful of spots I spear offer that scenario.  Often I'm looking into a hole with stained water and weeds covering the bottom - dropping eggshells, pasta noodles, or even potato slices will help you brighten up the bottom in this scenario.

Ronnie D:
My go to spots are 6-10 fow near drop offs or finding flat plateaus in the middle of deeper water. I usually seek out an area above thick weed beds & spin multiple spoons, decoys & teasers at different depths. Oatmeal seems to coat the weeds pretty good for sight too.
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