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Spearfishing through ice with eggshells

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 I found my grandpappi's old spear. He told me about putting egg shells down the hole and waiting for pike and then blasting them with the spear. I'm going to try it on Conesus and Chautauqua Lake this year. Few ole pike decoys too.

sounds like fun  :clap:
good luck  :flex:

Its cool your grandfather could share that with you. Unfortunately, spearing pike is no longer permitted in NY.  The Regs list a few waters (and seasons) in each region where you can spearfish and the permitted fish species, but no gamefish. They'll make for cool decorations. Or take a trip to the upper mid-west and put them to use! Bring your Grandpappi.

That's what I kind of figured. I'll give it a whirl on my buddies pond first then I'll sell all of it on ebay instead. My grandpappi passed away last fall from Covid, so we won't be going midwest anytime soon.

Keep that spear. Hang it on the wall!


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