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Using fluorocarbon for first time

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--- Quote from: Kilsdonk on Dec 29, 2021, 09:50 AM ---
Thanks Bob, Can you elaborate a bit more on the treatment of Silicone/Teflon on the line to keep ice from forming? I usually fish in an icehouse but would love to hear what others do to prevent this also.

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When water beads off the material, it's much smaller water droplets.  It's easier to freeze quickly as well as thaw out quickly.  When it freezes quickly, it's less likely to stick, so it will snow flake off.  Very easy to just finger flick the ice off the tip guide.  This is more preferable over that of an ice jam on your tip guide.

Jigger nut:
I use 4 feet of Fluorocarbon on all of my jigging rods & Tip-ups.


--- Quote from: Van Noord on Dec 28, 2021, 02:24 PM ---Fluorocarbon as a leader only because it sinks faster and gets your bait down quicker and it's virtually invisible in water. Very high abrasion resistance as well.
 You don't use it as a main line because it is too dense and uncoils much too rapidly.

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THIS ^^^^^

Thanks guys, I appreciate all the help!

I spool all my ice reels with flouro as mainline. Braid freezes up to quick in the winter., and fish seem to be less finicky with fluoro, especially in clear water.

I don't run into any issues with twist and tangles myself, but often get that when I'm fishing with newbies that aren't used to thumbing the spool to let out bits at a time when dropping the line down.

Only major disadvantage I've run into was trying to list fish out of the hole that were to big, and ended off snapping the line. Dumb rookie mistake every now and then.


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