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Kalamazoo Michigan area


Hi all, Iím looking for any tips or decent Pike spearing lakes in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. Iím originally from Muskegon but thatís a long drive just to go spear. Weíre finally getting some ice on lakes around here and I just ordered an ice saw, so I should be able to get out a few times yet this winter if the weather cooperates.
Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there,
I thought I would post and at least say hi
I am in the Kalamazoo area and new to spearing too. So I can't help you yet as far as which lakes.
There are some Kalamazoo area ice fishing groups on fb. You could watch where people are fishing for pike with tip ups.
I've started making my own decoys.
Having fun with that

Awesome decoy man! Iíve wanted to start doing that.
I went out on Long lake in portage yesterday and speared two in about an hour. One of them had a whole hot dog in its stomach!
Iím excited to get out there again.


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