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What single hook to replace treble's?

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I've purchased a number of new baits for the upcoming season and many have trebles that I'd like to remove and change to a single hook. Problem is I'm not sure what hooks I should be considering. I won't be using minnows, only spikes or waxie's, or perhaps a small or micro plastic of some sort on them. Target species are panfish; bluegill, crappie, perch. Need guidance on hook style, sizes to consider, etc. Not even sure how to ask the question so it's not so open ended. I have a hook size chart from Janns showing some options that I can refer to. A beginning point would be very helpful. I really don't want to deal with trebles on the ice.

It really depends on your target species and your specific technique that you're after.  In general sproat hooks or siwash hooks have the larger eye that makes them easily threaded onto split rings.

There are Japanese made hooks that are more specific for this intended purpose but I don't have any direct experience with using them.  It's one part cost.

The other thing is buying some lure wire for most inline lure making, I can use that wire to chain the hook onto lure or split rings.

Siwash have open hook eyes that you close with needle nose to put them on.i use them for salmon spinners and spoons.not sure on small icefishing lures.need to be more specific on what lures the op bought to recommend proper hooks for the application.

I'll have to get the packages from the basement to see which have trebles but I got perch talkers, buck shot rattling spoon, CJS slender spoons, and some dropper chains to add to a Hali jig. I jig exclusively, no tip ups or downs.

i use siwash they are good for minnow pieces but may be a bit heavy for grubs. #4 i think is what i usually use but i have 3 sizes one up and one down. i got them on ebay.


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