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Knot question

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Pretty strong.ive caught northerns on 2# test with 3mm jigs while fishing for panfish numerous times.


--- Quote from: Whitet on Aug 26, 2019, 08:21 PM ---Thanks for the help, I will give those a try. Is that rapala knot and uniknot pretty strong?

--- End quote ---

Yep. Can't go wrong with either one. I'd forgotten about the Rapala/loop knot. Thanks for the reminder Doc! I keep thinking I wanna tie certain jigs with this but always forget.  ::)  Maybe it'll come back to me this season.

I like Unis because they won't slip with slick lines like superlines or fluoro. You can also use it to attach a leader without a swivel tying them back-to-back. I musky fish alot and use either a Palomar or Uni for everything. never had a knot failure.

i use either a trilene or king sling. 

I'm with esox on this one. Palomar if you can, uni if you can't. Those loop knots don't seem to work for me in that they allow the tail end of a tube jig to droop rather than the

horizontal presentation I'm looking for. They might be dandy for teardrop or other styles of jig with a different balance point.

Anybody feel like arguing about braid to fluoro leader connections choices?


--- Quote from: stinkyfingers on Oct 01, 2019, 09:39 AM ---

Anybody feel like arguing about braid to fluoro leader connections choices?

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Yes, I'll go for it!! I have had probs with that. My fly fisher bros swear by the blood knot for making tapered leaders. I tried that with quite poor results. Mixed results with Uni to Uni. I'm now working on my own version of the nail knot----doubling the lines and with the aid of a drinking straw.....


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