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--- Quote from: stripernut on Oct 23, 2021, 05:04 AM ---I will Debate...

I don't like any of the line-to-line knots and even if they test out strong, to begin with, they weaken over time. Most of the time I use a short leader and use a BB swivel, if I need smaller I have started using Fly fishing Micro Tippet Rings, tiny, strong little rings you tie both lines to and end up with a very strong connection. If I need a longer leader (heavier lines) I use a Wind-On Leader, very strong and long-lasting (the lightest for that is 20lbs). Most of my "work" with leaders and knots come out of open water fishing, often landing "little" Bluefin Tuna on light tackle. 100-200lb fish on 60lb test line ( ). My knots have to be perfect and yes many nice fish are landed with an FG knot, but I have seen it fail also... I have been a fishing guide for over 30 years now and I learned very early on that if my clients were using their gear to test their knot, most would fail. What would get them by for their average fish, would not hold up consistently when truly tested. I tie all my knots as if I was going to hook the biggest fish that body of water has to offer and it is a line of thought that has paid off over the years. Many anglers tell me that the systems I use are overkill, but when I or a client hooks the "big One", I don't want to be thinking about if my knot is up to the task. If you watched the video of my fighting that tuna you can see that I put a lot of pressure on that fish and landed it in about half the time many anglers would take (Wind-On) Leader looped on with a Bimini, I can often use it for a full season without replacement and it casts just fine.

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What is the advantage of Micro Tippet Rings over using a micr swivel? Both are metal so both will damage the rod eyes when casting with a long leader.

The rings are very small and stronger than the micro swivels that are available. I don't use long leaders and find they are rarely necessary, if I do, then I use a Wind-On Leader.

I like using a surgeons loop. Simple, strong, and very easy to tie with cold fingers.


--- Quote ---I like using a surgeons loop. Simple, strong, and very easy to tie with cold fingers.
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Sadly it is only around 70% breaking strength of the line... If that works for you, great, but not for me...

Esox fisherman:
Personally in your case I would go with the rapala loop knot
For line to line a modified Alberto knot(message me and Iíll send you video if you would like to see)
Palomar when for all non braid applications
2by2 palomar knot for braid (doubled line through eye twice and two overhand knots)
(Personally I use a palomar knot to attach my line to my spool to


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