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Just a money saving tip from a cheapy

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Ever been out fishing and the bite seems to be on the color of spoon that you don't have.  This happen last year with a Swedish pimple that  was killing the crappie but no one around where I fish had the color.  I could have painted some up but if wouldn't have match the color, a prism chartruse color. 

Well my granddaughter was making some stuff for school one day and she had sheets of the exact color I needed. She bought them at a hobby store and they had sheets of a foil paper with a sticky backing.  The sheets wee 9 x 12 inches and they had just about every color you needed included some with a scale pattern.  I figured what the heck for a buck a sheet I would try some.  I cut some small squares that matched the size of the jigging spoons and pealed the back off and than a final trim with a razor blade.  Worked perfectly.  I used them all summer and the foil paper never came off, some got pretty tore up from the teeth of walleyes but never came completely off.  Just a little work with the tip of a knife blade and the foil paper came right off.  Now when I hit the ice I have a ready supply of them ready to change the color of the spoons when ever I need them.

Here's some that's is for sale on eBay but you can get them cheaper at the local hobby store:

Nor Easter:
That's a lot better price compared to the small packages of peel and stick reflective tapes offered by Luhr Jensen and others.

It's no different than buying faceted beads at the fabric shop instead of getting the lure maker's brand when making your own spinners.

You're not a cheap skate, you're thrifty!  ;)

way to keep an eye out for improvements. I always look at the kids craft kits they get, some times they will ask "where did my pink glow beads go" :whistle: "don't know maybe you used them"  :whistle: :unsure: I say. Always looking at the stores also.

walleye tattoo:
I think you are on to something some times lite green will work and fire tiger will do nothing. I have been powder coating to get to where I want to be but your method sounds a lot easier.

Nice work on that one


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