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Have as many lines in the water as your state allows. Gotta be one of the best feelings when you have 3+ rods firing at once!

One of the best tips I can give is to learn how to use a slip bobber. I have the venom and ice buster styles with the line slide under water so it does not freeze. They are particularly handy when teaching kids to fish as you can set the depth for them and every cast the lure will be at the right depth.........or when ice fishing every drop will be at the right depth. The visual of slip bobbing adds a whole new excitement to fishing  and they work great when you want to work a weed edge or part of reef when the wind is blowing the right direction. Also works great when calm, you can cast to a weed edge/drop off and the lure stays right where you want it controlled depth at its finest.  In winter I have seen people jigging with no float and are constantly missing bites because the fish has not inhaled the lure enough................ .I have watched this on the underwater camera watch and sometimes in winter a walleye and other fish many have to (bite/inhale) a lure two or three times before it is in enough to set the hook.

I have used slip bobbers for a while now. Using them was a tip I got from an acquaintance.

The small lakers that we catch are picky eaters so it's smart to watch the bobber sink, not just wiggle and bob. I much prefer the clip on type. During this long wait for ice I have made some of my own that are easier to clip on and off than the foam type.   

I started with those foam clip-on bobber, and keep a good stock in my tackle box. I also added some spring bobbers to my rods this year. The dancing of the foam bobber can tell you if a predator is making your minnow go into 'evade' mode, the spring bobber gives away the slightest nibbles much more easily.

If I'm trying to hang to a specific regular depth, especially if I'm dead sticking, the float bobber all the way. Easy to see from a distance, entertaining to watch. If I'm targeting specific marks on the flasher, I like the spring bobber. Great when actively jigging, helps tell hits even on the fall, and helps compensate for the lack of sensitivity in cheaper rods.


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