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Ice conditions 2019/2020

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I Fish NB:
Any one have any ice condition reports. Mild weather making Jan 1 look grim for safe ice.

im in n. Maine and our smaller lakes and ponds have 12in. of good ice but the big lakes only have small coves locked up going to be limited where you can go jan. 1 but you should be able to find some place if you head north.

Some lakes are froze ovef but not quite safe. Cold nights this week will put some more on. I got out last week on tidal water before the rain. 3 inches of clear ice then.

I Fish NB:
Regs say Tidal water lakes aren't open till Jan 1.

I fish tidal waters are open year around. After jan 1st tidal water lakes becone designated tidal water and u follow the icefishing regs, up until then you follow open water regs.  Straight from DFO 2 years ago


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