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Hey guys,

as we get closer and close to ice in most areas of Ontario, I just want to ask that if you are going to post a ice conditions report that you be specific as possible. No one is asking you to give away your honey hole, but vague reports can get people hurt, and none of us want that. Let us know where you tested the ice and how thick it was. Just stating that you were on "the Bay of Quinte" and the ice was 5" thick is not helping anyone.

I hope he does not mind, but here is a report posted on this board by JZ, it is very thorough, Im not saying all reports need to be this thorough, but Im seeing way to many vague reports. Im not picking on anyone here, just trying to keep it safe

ICE Update-Checked out a few places today, usual disclaimers apply... ice conditions change in an instant spud your way out slowly and check ice thickness often.

Dog Lake-Gilmour Pt/Shipyard-
Ice in Shipyard bay is snow covered and about an inch thick.  Around the point at the beach on Gilmour pt the ice is perfectly clear but only half an inch thick, it will take a couple more double digit minus nights before you can go out and check the ice properly.
East Loughborough- at Loughborough Lake Marina
Ice at shore is 3-4 inches thick but it is not black ice, it is ice blown in from the lake that has frozen together.  It is still solid underfoot however with the snow cover its hard to tell where this blow in ends and the real ice begins.  The "real" ice is only 1.5-2inch thick and maybe less I didnt go out too far.  I still think its a couple cold days away however I saw some guy flying across battersea bay on a sled!?!?  Also remember to stay away from the docks at the marina and Inn because the ice bubblers are on creating open water around the docks and surrounding area.
Sydenham Lake- Wilmar Access
This is not the launch in the town of Sydenham by the Library, it is the one off of Wimar rd.    Anyway, similar to the ice at Loughborough Lake Marina it is made up of blown in ice however it is quite thick measuring 4-5 inches, from shore to about 300ft out.  The only problem is that this part of the lake is very shallow it wasnt more than 3-4fow where I was.  I might check this area out again on fri or sat and go out a little further.


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