Author Topic: Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.  (Read 2795 times)

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Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.
« on: Jan 25, 2004, 04:29 PM »
Waterwolfed and I went bluegill fishing on Snug HArbour this weekend.  WE caught plenty of 2-3 inch bluegills.  We saw lots of 5-10 inch bluegills but didn't hook nearly any at all.  We ended the day with about 60 3 inchers caught, and kept 13 4-5 inchers for filleting.  We used just about every color jig from red/white to black/blue.  Both those colors worked great for catching the little guys.  WE tried mousies, spikes, wigglers, and minnows.  The only thing that really worked were the spikes, but all  we got were the little fish.  The big guys would look and then turn away.  Any advice on how to get the big ones.  I need some REAL meat for the freezer.  Thanx.
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Re:Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.
« Reply #1 on: Jan 25, 2004, 06:06 PM »
well you might try upsizeing your bait, or downsizeing your bait, or try using berkley crappie nibblets, we have been using them all winter and catching some nice gills (8 to 10 inches), you can find them at your nearest walmart. the gills seem to like them better than spikes and mousies, I use orange and green, they all seem to produce well. good luck and I hope you can get the big ones!
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Re:Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.
« Reply #2 on: Jan 27, 2004, 10:15 PM »
what size line were you using?????  maybe try berkley vanish in #2 or less it will make a difference**perchn

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Re: Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.
« Reply #3 on: Feb 20, 2004, 05:25 PM »
the bigger gills bite best at sunset

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Re: Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.
« Reply #4 on: Feb 26, 2004, 12:01 PM »
What were the on-ice conditions like around you? If there is or has been heavy fishing pressure, larger bluegills seem to turn off. This is why you hear of really good action in the early and late stages of the frozen water period. I would almost have to think that these larger fish are lethargic, or very weary in some respect from previous fishing pressure.

But, If these fish have been pretty much un-interrupted during the ice period, I would have to image that they would bite given the right presentation. What I would do is downsize presentation size as well as line size. Big gills get big for a reason, they elude getting caught. This may be by biting very light, or just by refusing an offering that does not look natural. 

If I am after big gills, and don't want to fool around with smaller ones, i'll search out the lake's holes or basin, for crappies. I have had good luck with locating schools of crappies, and within the group, most times I'll find some "bull" gills. This pattern really seems to work during the mid-season point. I may not catch many bluegills, but the size that I get are very decent. Plus, catching fish is fun, but I like to "troubleshoot" when it comes to fishing. I really enjoy figuring the fish out, and if i don't figure them out, I'll refine my technique until I do make some progress. I just believe that by using the same technique over and over limits a fisherman to the success that they may have that day or in the future.

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Re: Having a hard time getting the Bigger gills.
« Reply #5 on: Mar 06, 2004, 05:56 PM »
I think it depends on how many big ones a lake has

The bluegill grows extremely fast until it reaches maturity, (can spawn) and then grows very slowly. They only need to get big enough to get the central spawning spot. The bluegills will continue to mature if they are not big enough to compete for the central spot. It depends on how many other big ones are in the lake if the others will get big or not too.

So throw the big gills, 8+ inchers back please unless you want the fishery to get stunted.
if anybody from michigan will help me out with the lakes and stuff up here I'd really appreciate it since I'm new to the area.


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