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MX-7 review
« on: Jan 12, 2021, 09:10 AM »
Not much for reviews on the MX-7, so here's my amateur opinion in comparison to the LX7

First - the base maps need some clarification. It states that the basic Navionics maps are downloaded to the unit, which is true, but the basic maps are NOT what you see on the navionics chartview website or through your phone app, they are far less detailed and only popular lakes are mapped out. You need the Navionics chip to get the specific lakes. Unfortunate but not the end of the world.

-Buttons press much easier than the Lx7, I read about someone having issues with the buttons getting stuck. With the LX7 you really had to push the buttons to get them to register, not the case with the MX7. If you do push them all the way in, I could see how they would get stuck because they have a little lip on the buttons

-Just as crisp as the LX7, I believe pixel wise the MX7 is actually a little lower, but I couldn't tell a difference.

-I LOVE the soft case the MX-7 comes in without the shuttle. I downgraded from the shuttle because I don't use the USB ports or light and the new lithium batteries are supposed to have a 30 hour run time. The only thing I liked about the shuttle was the rod holders. The soft pack for the MX7 has several small pockets, 2 that I think I will be able to use to hold extra rods if needed. I've been disappointed with soft packs in the past, but this one I'm impressed with.

Touch screen would be nice, but that's just one more thing to go wrong. I'll give it a test run on the ice Wednesday before heading to Brainerd MN for 5 days to put it to work.
Da Pack!


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