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Anyone use fallfish??


Just wondering if anyone has used fallfish as bait??
Thanks :)

Master Angler:
I've used dead 5-7" creek chubs as bait for pike rigged on a quick strike

rig under a tip-up with good success.  Got a 39" last year on one.  

From what I know they are quite similar to a creek chub and should work


Master Angler:
Never weighed it, just measured her and released.

Caught it in March when pretty full of eggs, my guess would be around

18 lbs.

I've been using them for years with a lot of success.

This is weird but one day I was fishing a stream (open water) for trout and not doing very well.  I was using small minnows and was only catching fallfish ( It was a low gradient stream, primarily a put-and-take water).  When I was almost out of minnows I decided to cut up a fallfish for bait.  I filleted it and cut it into strips and ended up catching a limit of trout.  Ever since I've been doing the same.  I've never known anyone else who uses them - most people I know can't even identify them. 


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