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Saltwater shrimp


What about saltwater shrimp from the fishmarket? i am bringing some along this weekend.

Evan  NY

I have used them before several times. Breaking them up for panfish (especially perch) works excellent. Got the idea on a day when the panfish were biting good, I ran out of bait, and was cutting up pieces of small fish to use for bait (we all know that is an excellent bait!). Shrimp I use are the frozen, shelled, ready to eat. And again if the fish aren't biting you can alway's eat the bait!

When in Fla. years ago for my first time fishing there, we used live saltwater shrimp for bait.  We were fishing for Grouper, Red Snapper and so on.  The thing that bothered me was we are using shrimp to catch fish.  Seemed alot liked using Prime Rib to lure in hot dogs!   :o  I love to eat fish, but I am also a big Seafood addict.  It just didn't seem right! ;D

     I hate to give up a good 'Secret' like saltwater shrimp but I've been using them, and snacking on the leftovers for may years now. I just bought a two pound package of frozen shrimp at the local for $7.00. That's three fifty a pound. Buy a pound of worms and see how much that'll cost.
     Put 'em up in zipper bags at ten per and keep 'em in the freezer 'till you need 'em. Thaw them one at a time,(in yer coffee?), to peel 'em, then cut or break them up for bait size as needed. Drop the peeled part down the hole for flavor and commence to fish.
     They are 'Natural', and seem to work for me in all types of fishing where a 'Natural' bait, replete with 'Natural' smells may do better than other types. Bits of these on Smelt hooks seems to attract a lot of bites.
     I started with them almost by accident while fishing the Hudson River near Troy, NY. We break 'em in half,(the 40-60 count/lb size), and use the tail half for Small Mouth Bass, and other like species, while the big end chunk has caught me Stripers,(20-30+ lb), Tiger Muskies, Northerns, and Sturgeon, all of equally impressive sizes.
     The local bait store was out of worms. When we got to the Supermarket I spotted the frozen shrimp. The price seemed very high untill we compared the per pound price of worms and the overall results. Added bennies included NOT having to deal with leftover worms whereas we can just eat the shrimp and drive the 'Worm' folks crazy.
     Some of the 'Secrets' of how to use 'em I'll leave for others to learn on their own.


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