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night crawlers?

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my dad picked up a can of crawlers last year and tryed them instead of spikes. seemed to work ok. put a whole crawler on a tipup and got my second largest perch that year. anyone evr fish with worms or tryed it??

I heard guys were using them for trout also somewhere  sometime last year i heard they use pieces of crawlers for smelt

one of my bait suppliers carries worms all year round and once in a while i'll pick some up and try them. it seems like the gills prefer them more than spikes some days but most other fish get sick of them as soon as the ice comes.

Been using them for trout through the ice for years.  Perch like 'em sometimes too.


I have used all sorts of bait for trout, walleye, perch, crappie, and bluegill through the ice. I have to say in most situations that crawlers really do work better, sometimes far better. You can use a half of one on a plain hook and haul up all the trout you would like. They are excellent because you can use them in pieces for tipping on lures.
Fish getting sick of crawlers? Bosh!!! They have a scent and taste that fish cannot resist, much like crab and lobster for some humans.



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