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Fished a slough on 12/27. Fishing conditions were abysmal with up to 3" of water on ice and gusty winds. Only bright spot was fact fish were biting. Caught many fish with quite a few too small to keep, some questionable, several nice ones in the 9.5"-10" range and a couple over 12". Kept my 10 and then got the heck out of there. Caught fish mostly on small minnws live and dead. Ice was safe for walking and there had even been some vehicle traffic. Was one car on ice but he left wondering if he was going to make it. Ice was about 12" when I arrived but warm water running down hole was melting it some. With this weeks colder forecast it should be safe for driving pretty soon.

Went back to Clark county 1/2. Fish were biting vey well with wind from south. After wind switched to NW bite slowed but fish were still hitting. Some vehicles on ice. Not mine however. After Sat and Sun night there will be plenty of ice for large vehicle traffic. Fish were about 12-15" off bottom. I was fishing close to bottom and my buddy was higher up. He was getting more bites. I raised my baits and after that I was getting more bites. Fish were hitting larger spoontype baits better. Like Pimples or Halis. Used minnows. Some grub bites but minnows better.


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