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Minnow size

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What size minnows does everyone use for perch and walleye? I like much smaller bait than everyone else, apparently. I like 1.5" minnows for perch and very active 2.5" for walleyes. I would rather have my bait on the small side than the big side. Yesterday I saw guys using 4" minnows for perch is why I ask. Thanks

For eyes I use a 3-3.5 inch minnow.Perch 2-2.5 inch

i usually use a 1-2.5" minnow for perch and never went for walleye but i've talked to guys that use 2.5-3" minnows for them.

4" + for bass and salmon (stocked) 5"+ for pike (golden's or sucker's). I don't have as many flag's as my partner's do but with the larger bait i think i do very well.have placed first or second in many derby's.

Most of the people at Sodus that use tip downs for perch, use the large bass minnows. That's the only way to keep the dinks from bothering them all day. When jigging for perch, I use up to 2" minnows and will use the same ones for walleye but I have nothing against using 3-4" fatheads if I can find them.


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