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I fished Chatfield this weekend on the far southwest corner.  there was 4-5" of ice, 2-3" out by the swimbeach (I would not recommend it there yet).  Had the Flu and wanted to stay close to home.  Spent Saturday morning mostly checking water depths around the far south gravel pits.  If you've ever fished it you can be in 5 fow and 10 feet in another direction it will be 30 feet deep.  Fished one of those type of drops until about noon.  Had a couple of nice ones to the hole but it was kind of slow.  Went back Sunday and hammered'um just after sunset in the 5'-10' fow.  2 nice ones 16" and 18".  all in all not a bad couple of hours.  was hop'in to have found the wally's. 

Good Luck

You dont say it but I assume you caught slimers?

Yea they were rainbow's, The walleyes are tough to find out there.


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