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Got plenty of craps but got distracted.

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Man had to go back. Me ,Dan, Bro and Shoe went to eastern Barr for crappies. got plenty of those but they were tight lipped and brutally light bite.  Gave me a headache focusing! ;D

So went a little deeper to find some toothy beasts and it worked out Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning caught eyes, cats, wipers, whites(lots of White bass fun but kinda a PITA) ;D

I caught everything but the walleyes on my crappy rod using 4 lb floro and a tiny teardrop.

All the large fish went back. 

Lost some pig walleyes and such they either popped off or got me into the trees a couple times.

Gotta love it when you set the hook and the rod doesn't move as if its snagged on the bottom!

10.89lbs on 4lb floro.

6.89lbs on a blade.

5lbs on a blade

6.5lbs on a blade

Some Eater Eyes!

Saw one of these on the ice!

Nice job..👍👍

Dang, the retired dudes strike again!  Meanwhile, I was just sitting in the lab on Tuesday... :P
Very nice eyes, Mike.  And that cat is a monster!

At least I'm planning to be "sick" tomorrow afternoon!   ;) ;D

Those were nice eyes.  I stayed by the brush rather than go for the glory of eyes - see me sitting in the number 2 position on the ice...ha ha.  Here was my reward rather than walleye:

I love the finesse fishing.


Yah Shoe kind of a bummer that both species hit best at the same time of day!


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