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A small seasonally restricted lake near Brewster, WA (open Dec 1 to harvest). Holds Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Still open. Water temps are at 38 F.

Made it out for the 1st ice fishing trip of the 2017/18 season. Found a solid 4-5" on the south end of the lake although there are still some thin 2" spots near the middle of the lake.

Found both Browns and Rainbows early feeding just 5-10' below the ice but as the day progressed they moved further offshore and deeper. More aggressive jigs paid off in the morning but by the afternoon smaller jigs with very little action is where it was at. Ended up with seven fish total.

Enjoy the video!

Went back to Rat for an afternoon of fishing. Caught 5 nice bows in short order including one on my new powered Sullivan tip down. Ice is 7" with 3-4" of mushy white ice on top.


Ice is now unsafe on Rat.


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