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Berkely bait


Kodiak Commando:
Has anyone tried the new berkely artificial bait ( think it's called gulp not sure). If so how does it perform? I don't have many worms or grubs where i live and was interested in this product.

Haven't tried them, but have talked to someone who has and they told me that it works fairly well but still not as good as the real thing.

Looking at the glup products they look like they will work well. I would use them as lures and never as a replacement for natural bait. The only thing that works as good as bait is bait, period. Nothing beats the real scent, flavor, and triggering  qualities that good ol' bait has.


Kodiak Commando:
Well i am thinking of getting the worms because we don't have crawlers here and are worms are way to small.


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