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does anyone make their own baits?


peple of the perch:
how do you make your own baits?

Well it all depends what you are fishing for. With catfish i wse a mixture of peanut butter, cornflakes and coke or pepsi, and mix them all together to about the consinticy of power bait. I know it sounds weird but it works great for cats. An if you get hungry fishing (LOL) pop a couple of thoes baby's in your mouth :-\

peple of the perch:
Interesting...I've never heard of that. Could you really eat them?
Thank you.

Sure you could eat them if you really wanted to. And yeah cats are fun to catch. When i went down to Lake Havasu last summer i caught a few big ones, they give you a good fight. Cats will just eat about anything as long as it smells really bad, Night crawlers is a good bait for cats. Just put about 2 or 3 on your hook.Well i hope this helps, If you wanna catch cats go to the catfish post and read what people have posted there. Good Luck!!!

i make a tout bait out of fish food and four


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