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Pike Dude:
Are smelt legal in the state of Vermont?

andy VT:
i dont think so

Fish Farmer:
Smelt are legal to use as bait in the waters that they are jigged from. Jig smelt in Champlain, use them there, jig smelt in Lake Dunmore use them there. Just don't transport them alive, unless you purchased smelt from a Champlain Zone dealer, which could only be used on Champlain.

I assume you can't jig smelt and sell then alive to Champlain dealers, but could probably still sell them dead.

andy VT:
no dead or frozen smelt can be sold for bait

Fish Farmer:
I don't see anything in the regs about not being able to sell dead smelt if you are a Champlain Zone dealer, but can't sell any smelt if you are an Interior Dealer.


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